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Posts tagged as “japanese police”

Looting in Japan?

I have had many a discussion with friends and associates regarding the topic of how well the citizens of Japan handle themselves during a crisis. The topic of looting comes up and there have been countless YouTube clip and blog posting stating how well behaved everyone is. The Kirin Brewery in Sendai was hit once by the powerful Tsunami and then again by hundreds of individuals seeking refreshment in the form of beer, coffee and juice.

Prison officials turn up the heat in Fukuoka

One may ask is this a new trend? Or is it something that has been going on for years? Are these isolated incidents? Or is there a greater deep seeded problem in Japanese law enforcement and correctional institutions?

Changes to US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement?

I have mixed feelings and a few questions about this proposed change to the SOFA: Will court-appointed interpreters be provided? How long can personnel under…