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Posts published in “Commentary”

Looting in Japan?

I have had many a discussion with friends and associates regarding the topic of how well the citizens of Japan handle themselves during a crisis. The topic of looting comes up and there have been countless YouTube clip and blog posting stating how well behaved everyone is. The Kirin Brewery in Sendai was hit once by the powerful Tsunami and then again by hundreds of individuals seeking refreshment in the form of beer, coffee and juice.

Black Tokyo – an Afromentary

The Black Tokyo afromentary chronicles experiences in Japan from 1981 to present.

Weathering the Storm on Amami Oshima Island

An African American with family ties in Amami Oshima shares his experience. I left for Amami Oshima the following day and was greeted with sweltering heat and humidity. However, on the 18th of October the rains began to move in, starting with scattered sprinkles and slight showers.  On the 19th the frequency increased, but still offering me opportunities to get some outside work done.  However, the 20th of October was very uncooperative.  After getting back to the road we were originally on we were soon met by a one lane detour (passage) because of a land slide from the hill along the side of the road.