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  1. brittofied brittofied April 1, 2009

    To Whom it May Concern,
    My name is Michael Paul Britto, and I am a Visual Artist in the United States interested in doing some art research that will culminate into project based on race in Japan. I am particularly interested in the depiction of African Americans in the media. I’ve seen examples of the “Earthquake Manual”, The Little Black Sambo” book, and various other negative depictions of black folk. I would like to visit Japan and research some of these things first hand, and interview natives and foreigners alike. Since I’ve never been to Japan, so I’m trying to make contacts with folk that might be able to help me out when I get there.
    My email is Thank you in advance for your time, and I look forward to any response.
    Michael Paul Britto

  2. gullyjuice187 gullyjuice187 April 5, 2009

    Hello Black Tokyo

    I’m extremely interested in visiting and maybe eventually living in Japan. So far the money is low and more funding is needed. Can you give me tips on how to make my dream come true to visit Japan?

  3. Brad Brad April 21, 2009

    Well one obvious suggestion I can make is to save and keep an eye out for cheep air fair. Airline tickets is generally what puts a huge dent in your budget. In addition, purchasing a rail pass here in the US can save you money in the long run. And will give you the flexibility of moving around the Island. Also broadening your social circle will help you make friends with people from Japan. One approach is to check to see if your city has a Japanese cultural center that offers either free or low cost language exchange classes. This is a good way to not only meet people from Japan, but sharpen your Japanese language skills as well. This may pave the way for you to visit friends when you finally travel to Japan, and in turn they can visit you on their trip to the US. Remember locals know the cool places to go that are not only fun but cheap. Japan can be expensive, but if you plan your trip write you can get the most bang for your buck. The exchange rate can be unpredictable, but keep an eye on it and try to plan your trip when when the dollar vs. yen is in your favor. But please avoid the tourist traps!
    I have been fortunate to meet some very cool people that have let me stay with them when I go to Japan, and they come and crash at my place when visiting the US. I sincerely hope you get the opportunity to go to Japan because personally speaking it changed my life forever and I am strongly considering moving there.

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