Eric L. Robinson
Creative Director
Eric L. Robinson, M.A. in Security Studies (Far East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific), Naval Postgraduate School, loves providing more of the story on Japan from an Afro-perspective.
Brad Bell
Production Coordinator
Brad Bell (@ogPegasus303) – Los Angeles, California.
Mitzi Uehara Carter
Contributing Writer
Dr. Mitzi Uehara Carter, PhD in Anthropology,UC Berkeley, CA is the author of Grits and Sushi, a blog where she shares her musings on family, Okinawa, race,  militarization, transnationalism, and blackness.
Jason Gatewood
Contributing Writer
Jason Gatewood (@starrwulfe) – Yokohama, Japan: Tech nerd, h@x0r, Japanophile, 一般な933K, @RikkyoUniv sensei. I’m on a never-ending quest to better myself through living my dreams without regret or shame.
L. Taz Hicks
Contributing Writer
L. Taz Hicks (@Onmugen) – Yokohama, Japan: Music producer and Lyric writer living in Japan and loving it!
Fu Miyatani French
Contributing Writer
Fu Miyatani French, first “Nubian Heritage” Tai Chi Mantis Sifu, 36th generation Northern Shaolin Temple Sifu of Grandmaster Wong Jac Man lineage and 9th generation Tai Chi Mantis, Grandmaster Chi Chuk Kai lineage instructor.


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