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Blasian Narratives: A Black and Asian Intersection


Mitzi Uehara Carter interviewed Director Jivan Atman on his latest project, Blasian Narratives, a bricolage of thematically divided vignettes based on the cast members’ real life experiences.

How does one navigate being Black and Asian in the U.S.? How do the repeated experiences of being read as predominately as Black or predominately as Asian impact one’s prospect for intimate belonging or even political organizing with the other group? In what ways can Blasians speak to Black and Asian American issues using their lived experiences as a starting point?

Atman sees “Blasian Narratives as an opening conversation to discuss the oftentimes polarizing and antagonizing issues around race. While we tackle anti-Blackness, we also need to tackle anti-Asianness.” Click here to learn more. You can view the documentary below:


Mitzi Uehara Carter is a professor of Anthropology and East Asian Studies at Florida International University. Her research focuses on race in transnational militarized spaces. She is currently working on her book about her mother and militarization in Okinawa. 


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