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Revising the Japanese Constitution

Last updated on January 7, 2017

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[Via Takuya Uchida on The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus Facebook page] “A website translating the new draft of the Japanese constitution into English which the Liberal Democratic Party (the party which PM Abe Shinzo belongs to) wrote/proposed. It’s beyond the scope of imagination that a political party in a modern liberal democratic nation could come up with such a malicious revision. The worst point of the revision worth noting is that it significantly restricts basic human rights.”

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In April 2012, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan proposed a constitutional amendment.

We, The Young Lawyer’s Association for The Future of Freedom, would like to draw attention to the risky implications of the LDP’s proposal and call for a discussion with the public.

The amendment of the Japanese constitution will no doubt have a tremendous impact, not only on people living in Japan, but also on East Asian counties and on global peace.

Thus, we have translated the proposal into English, focusing on significant changes. We hope that you will read and take interest, so that we can discuss this matter with you and people across the globe.





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