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Parental Kidnapping Treaty in Effect for Japan

Last updated on July 6, 2016

Via the Stars & Stripes – Pacific: A treaty aimed a preventing cross-border parental kidnapping takes effect Tuesday in Japan after years of pressure from the international community.

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction — which was first ratified in 1980 — requires a parent who flees with a child to another country to evade a custody dispute to return that child to his or her home of habitual residence. In recent years, child custody disputes have become a larger problem in Japan. As of 2012, there were more than 190 known cases in which foreign governments have urged Japan to return children who were abducted to Japan by their Japanese parents. An additional 80 cases have been reported where children were taken out of Japan by their non-Japanese parents, according to a report compiled by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense at the House of Councilors. Japan ratified the treaty in January. Becoming a signatory of the pact obligates Japan to provide assistance in locating the child and, if possible, to achieve a voluntary return of the child or an amicable resolution of the dispute.

The treaty will not be applied to the cases to return children who have been already in Japan after being removed from their original residence. However, the government will assist parents who seek to gain access to their children in Japan, according to a spokesman for the Hague Convention Affairs Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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One Comment

  1. Black Tokyo Black Tokyo June 11, 2016

    Comment from Tim Johnson:

    "When Japan agrees to all the stipulations of signing the Hague convention. It needs to implement proper access to all the children who have been alienated and abducted and for the loving parents who have been denied human rights for all these years.

    It’s clearly a human rights violation to deny a loving father/Mother all his/her precious years of spending time with his or her child. Whether they set up free counselors or some kind of equal rights for visitation. They need to grant proper access to the children with no political loopholes within the law.

    Thousands upon Thousands of Mothers and Fathers will come to Japan in hopes of seeing their children, who have also suffered the trauma of the vicious torment of being denied access. Children need to know, they were indeed loved, Whatever kind of Brainwashing that might have occurred by the Alienating or abducting parent taking advantage of Japanese law.

    Japan has continuously violated international law and has turned a blind eye to the fact that other countries and foreign people Love their children. The relatives of the children have suffered and the children need to now they have numerous relatives who have wanted to share and be a part of their lives, but have also suffered the torment of passing years of denied contact.

    Life is about Love and Life is about knowing you were loved. Life can be cold, Hope the children can feel the warmth of their Parents and Relatives Love soon."

    Tim Johnston
    Japan Kai Endo Japan

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