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Divorce, Parental Child Kidnapping and Parental Rights, The Fight Continues for Joint Custody in Japan

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Did you know that in Japan:

“The Civil Code awards custody over children to only one parent, invariably to the mother, after divorce. This often means parents who do not win custody can no longer see their children when custodial partners refuse.”

Check out the latest fight against parental child abduction, visitation rights and joint custody in Japan via the Asahi Shimbun:

“Japanese parents fighting for the right to see their children after divorce are taking to the streets to highlight their plight.

In a recent campaign drive, groups of the parents have gathered in front of station terminals and plazas in 16 cities across Japan, including Tokyo and Nagoya.

Wearing yellow-green T-shirts and ribbons with the words “Stop child abduction,” they hand out balloons and leaflets to passers-by to raise awareness for their call that all parents have the right to see their children.

One of the members is a male company employee in his 40s. The man said it has been two years since he last met his children, now both elementary school pupils.

“Four fathers that I know killed themselves while agonizing about the fact they could not meet their children,” he said.”

Click here for information on the organizations sponsoring the event:

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Should Japan Allow Joint Custody in Divorce Cases?
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