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Commander of U.S. Army Forces in Japan Suspended

MGen Harrison

Major General Michael T. Harrison, Sr. has been suspended from his duties for allegedly failing to report or properly investigate an allegation of sexual assault, the Army said Friday.

A Howard University graduate and native of Surry, Virginia, MGEN Harrison, entered the United States Army May 1980. He assumed the duties as Commander, United States Army Japan and I Corps (Forward) on 12 October 2010 (source).

According to reports:

“The Army provided no details about the alleged sexual assault case, but the suspension follows inquiries from Stars and Stripes into a senior U.S. Army officer’s alleged sexual assault on a female Japanese civilian employee at Camp Zama. The woman said that when she complained to the officer about his behavior, he replied that Harrison looks out for him. The alleged victim, a secretary, contacted Stars and Stripes last month complaining that the Army appeared to be stalling an investigation into her claims.”

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