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What a difference in reporting: Woman strangled to death, boyfriend commits suicide


Ms. Nicola Furlong (via Right Entertainment blog)

Authorities in Tokyo reported that a 21-year-old woman has been found dead in her apartment. The woman identified as Misaki Yokoyama was found by her boss on the night of Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 7:40 pm apparently in bed lying face up with blood on her face. Police have stated that Ms.Yokoyama had apparently been beaten and subsequently strangled to death. In a strange twist, Yokoyama’s live in boyfriend was found dead in Shibuya at about 5:00 am after he apparently jumped from the roof of a building.

The news report of this murder contains animated graphics of Yokoyama’s apartment (located at the 00:58 video mark), the crime scene (at the 1:47 video mark) and provides speculation of how she was killed, which is common for high-profile or unusual crimes in Japan.  One may wonder why the Japanese media did not put similar effort into reporting the Nicola Furlong case. As previously reported on Black Tokyo:

It has been widely reported that Tokyo police last week arrested two American men, 23-year-old dancer, James Blackstone, and a teenage musician as part of an investigation into the death of Irish foreign exchange student, Nicola Furlong and the sexual assault of Ms. Furlong’s unnamed friend. As I have stated in previous posts and tweets, this is a senseless death of a person just starting out in life. The entire event is unfortunate and painful to all parties involved. As before, Black Tokyo sends its condolences to the Furlong family.

While there are rampant allegations, racist remarks, stereotypical assumptions and misogynistic views regarding this case, I have not heard or seen a timeline of events that occurred during that unfortunate night Ms. Furlong lost her life. The timeline or reports via Japanese news, wide shows and other forms of Japanese media are quite common. In my opinion, had the death been that of a Japanese woman at the hands of a foreigner, especially a Black American foreigner or a member of the US military in Japan, there would have been a plethora of simulations, theories, depictions, reports and other information on a daily basis. It is important to learn the truth, help the Furlong family find some sense of closure and ensure that justice is served.

Below is what Black Tokyo pieced together in trying to understand the events following the Nicki Minaj concert. Some or all of these things may explain circumstances leading to the death of Ms. Furlong. Ms. Furlong’s unidentified friend has stated to Japanese police that she does not recall much of what occurred. Some media outlets and many in the blogosphere have already tried and convicted both men of murder. Certain media outlets have even  described Ms. Furlong as a war victim. I’m trying to figure out which war the writers are making reference. As Black Tokyo has previously stated, if either man had a hand in the death of Ms. Furlong, let justice run its course and punish them under the full guise of the law. If not, let’s not “juice” them.

Unlike the timeline shown at the 2:04 mark in the video below, there was no timeline reported by the media in the Nicola Furlong investigation. Black Tokyo has been very interested to know why the media has yet to provide the same level of detail in the Furlong case. Black Tokyo has even went as far as providing the reader with a partial timeline and additional details via this post:  Trying to understand the timeline in the Nicola Furlong case. In another instance, Black Tokyo even speculated that there could be other factors involved which lead to the unfortunate death of Ms. Furlong.

There are even text messages (at the 2:20 mark) shown in the news report of the victim, Ms. Yokoyama, but only one text message released from Ms. Furlong’s phone (message provided via Ms. Furlong’s mother) and none from the phones of the two American men currently under arrest and investigation in the Furlong case. There were tweets and FaceBook comments, however, pulled from the American’s social networking accounts by various people online and subsequently posted. We are waiting for more information!

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