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Suspect in Nicola Furlong Death Headed to Court

The police have yet to release the results of the Nicola Furlong toxicology report but it appears that the 19-year-old suspect in the Nicola Furlong death will head to family court later this month.

The Irish Times reports:

“THE MAIN suspect in the murder of Irish student Nicola Furlong is due to make his first appearance in a Tokyo court later this month.

Family court judges in Japan have the power to dismiss cases without a hearing. The suspect’s age – close to the age of legal responsibility – and the serious nature of the crime, however, mean the judge is likely to recommend a criminal trial.

Sources close to the case say neither suspect has a criminal record. Both are likely to remain behind bars until judgment – Japan rarely grants bail to foreign suspects in serious crimes.

Police have still not released the results of toxicology reports to the media or Ms Furlong’s family. The court date is likely to shed more light on their suspicions the women’s drinks were spiked at a bar in central Tokyo before the assaults.”

The second American currently in custody, Mr. Blackston, who is accused of groping Ms. Furlong’s 23-year-old friend during a taxi ride to Keio Plaza Hotel,  and the 19-year-old found in the room with Ms. Furlong have not been charged with murder. The men have been arrested and charged with quasi forcible indecency.


I should note that this investigation seems to be of little media interest in Japan. Typically, the Japanese media and the Tokyo Metropolita Police would have released much more information on a case such as this. Is this a case of out of sight and out of mind? Will a non-political investigation be carried out? Will the results of the toxicology report be properly presented? Many ask this since it was initially believed that the women had their drinks spikes. So many questions!

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  1. Agincourt Agincourt

    @Zurui, This is incorrect. I used to work for the Japanese courts as a translator and the US Embassy cannot provide legal assistance nor protect the individual. This concept went out in 1952. However, what the Embassy can do provide is a list of Japanese attorneys to defend the suspect and visit him in jail monitoring him, while the PP office decide how to proceed with his case. They can only hold him a max of 20 day in jail, after this they have to either let him go or else indict him. If the latter, he has a court case awaiting him.
    If he admitted to suspicion of strangling the victim he will most certainly will be indicted and have to see a trial out to prove his innocence or guilt.

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