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Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story on Kickstarter

I received notification of a great Kickstarter project, “Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story” that needs your support. Here is a some background on the Kickstarter project:

Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story follows an award winning Japanese Taiko Drum Troop – comprised entirely of kids, teens and 20-year-olds – living in Yamakiya, a small town near the failed Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The group is forced to flee their homes and beloved mountain community after the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster wreaked devastation on them.


Living as refugees and scattered around the countryside outside and within the radiation zone, the brave Taiko troop struggles to stay together and practice; trying to keep alive the spirit of their community – and the hope of returning home one day. And then, after facing daily adversity and at their lowest point, they get invited to Washington D.C. to be the honored performer in D.C.’s 100th Cherry Blossom Festival; headlining a climatic performance at the Kennedy Center!


Darryl Wharton-Rigby (Writer, Director, Producer)

About Darryl Wharton-Rigby (Writer, Director, Producer):

From 2005 – 2007 Darryl worked as a Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) for the JET Programme in Kawamata Town in Fukushima, Japan.  While there he joined the Yamakiya Taiko Club. He had the joy of performing with the group a couple of times, then broke his finger playing a game of dodgeball.  Still wanting to attend practices, Darryl pulled out his camera and began to shoot the group’s rehearsals and performances.  Soon his was shooting the students at school and during school festivals.  Over the past six years, he has shot more than 100 hours of  footage for the documentary.


Darryl, whose wife and children also live in Fukushima, was directly affected by the Great Quake.  While most foreigners were leaving Japan, he went there to be with his family.  For a short while, they too evacuated away from Fukushima to escape radiation from the failed nuclear plant.


Please note that: “This is an all or nothing campaign.  If we do not make our goal of $15,000, this project will be stalled.  Every dollar and yen counts.  If you cannot make a pledge at this time, please help us spread the word and forward to a few people you know how might.


Please help spread the word and be sure to “LIKE” the Yamakiya Taiko Movie Facebook page:

You can also follow the Yamakiya Taiko Movie on Twitter: @DonDokoDonDoc

Please view the project URL at:

Every little bit helps! Please donate to a great cause!

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