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19-year-old American to be rearrested in Nicola Furlong death investigation

Last updated on July 6, 2016


Ms. Nicola Furlong (via Right Entertainment blog)

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that the 19-year-old American arrested in the death investigation of Nicola Furlong will be rearrested on suspicion of murdering Irish student. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police will probably serve a new arrest warrant as early as Friday (June 15, 2012) on suspicion of murdering Ms. Furlong at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku on May 24, 2012. The minor and the 23-year-old James Blackston were previously arrested  on charges of committing “quasi forcible indecency” against Ms. Furlong’s friend during a taxi ride back to the rooms of the two men located at the Keio Plaza Hotel.

According to reports, the 19-year-old has admitted having pressed her neck with his hands but insisted that he DID NOT intend to kill the victim. No word on whether the charge (quasi forcible indecency) against Mr. Blackston will stick or be dropped.

Via CNN:

“The 19-year-old man, whom police declined to identify because he’s considered a minor under Japanese law, was arrested on suspicion of murder, a spokesman for the Tokyo police said Friday.

The man, a musician, had been previously detained on suspicion of improperly touching Furlong’s friend, but was not charged with that offense. The police have 20 days to decide whether to charge him with murder.

The other American man, James Blackston, 23, has been charged with groping the friend, said Tsutomu Nakamura, his lawyer.

Blackston, a dancer from the Los Angeles area, faces up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted. His lawyer said he is not guilty and will fight the charges.”


Via the AFP: “The suspect has admitted having pressed her neck with his hands but insisted that he DID NOT intend to kill the victim, Jiji Press news agency reported, quoting police sources.

Police suspect that the man, who arrived in Japan in April to join a band, killed the victim after she refused his sexual advances, Jiji said.”

Via NHK: According to reports, “The 19-year-old was seen on security video pushing Ms. Furlong into the room in a wheelchair.”

According to Japanese news reports, here are some of the things the police are releasing:

Nicola Furlong was choked but there is no clear indication (marking) showing how she was choked. The police determined that she was choked with a towel by the suspects arm, something soft.”

Nicola Furlong went to a restaurant in Shibuya (with her 21-year friend and the two Americans) where she became very drunk after drinking four shots of liquor (vodka and tequila). SOURCE

Nicola Furlong’s clothes were not disheveled and it is being investigated if the suspect choked her during a sexual assault.


Via the

“A second man, James Blackston (23) is no longer a suspect in her death but has been held in custody in relation to a separate assault charge regarding Mr Furlong’s friend.

Further charges are expected today in the case after both men were rearrested yesterday.

The Furlong family has expressed its confidence in the Tokyo police’s ability to bring a successful prosecution.

“Hopefully on Friday charges will be brought forward against these two guys; that is what we have been told,” said her uncle Denis Corrigan.

He added: “They are ready to go with more serious charges but what those are going to be I couldn’t tell you.”

The family has been told that the formal court process is likely to get under way next month and that a trial date would be set down for about six months after that.”

Some of the expected outcomes on the case:

1. It’s possible that the current charge (quasi forcible indecency) will be dropped against the two men and a separate charge be levied against the 19-year-old in relation to the death of Nicola Furlong.

2. It’s possible that the current charge (quasi forcible indecency) levied will remain against both men and there is no charge in the death of Nicola Furlong.

3. It’s possible that the current charge (quasi forcible indecency) levied will remain against both men and there is an additional charge against the 19-year-old in the death of Nicola Furlong.

4. It’s possible that all charges will be dropped.

5. It’s possible that two separate charges be filed against the men.

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