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Osaka Evessa’s Lynn Washington Gets the Bounce and Scores a Drug Bust Victory

Last updated on July 6, 2016

The Japan Times has reported that Osaka Evessa’s Lynn Washington has been released from custody and fully exonerated after being arrested and accused of drug smuggling. I’m glad that Washington beat the full court press, the California native has been a great American ambassador for the Basketball Japan League. As previously reported on Black Tokyo:

“A very sad turn to what could have been a great story on a foreigner making good in Japan. The Japan Times reported, California native and “Osaka Evessa power forward Lynn Washington, the most famous player in bj-league history, was arrested at 10:20 a.m on Tuesday for alleged involvement in the importation of between 1 kg and 1.5 kg of marijuana, media reports stated the same day.”

The Japan Times also reported:

 ”Washington was booked by Osaka Prefectural Police on Tuesday, according to published reports. His 32-year-old wife, Dana, was arrested last month, it was reported. In November, Washington’s wife’s name was on a package that allegedly contained marijuana and was shipped to Osaka from the United States. The marijuana had an estimated street value of up to ¥9 million, according to news reports.”

Washington is a fan favorite throughout the league and was selected as the greatest player in league history. He has been one of the best ambassadors for Japanese basketball. Due to Washington’s arrest the Basketball Japan League (bj-league) stated that it would conduct mandatory drug testing on players.”

As described by Washington a few hours after his Friday release from Osaka Prefectural Police custody, he admitted the 18-day ordeal was “a very humbling experience.” The ordeal is not fully over though since the police are now applying a half-court press on Washington’s wife. She remains in police custody. Washington had this to say regarding his wife:

As for Dana’s case, Washington said, “She faces charges that are baseless. The police have leads that are assumptions originated from air. . . She will be acquitted on all charges as well.”

Washington vehemently denied he has ever imported drugs into Japan.

The Indiana University product added that his business interests in California — among them a medical marijuana dispensary — have no connection with his case in Japan.

“When I received my MBA two years ago, I identified myself as an investor within the quadrant of business politics,” Washington said. “The (legal) medical marijuana business is a lucrative business in California’s competitive markets, as well as IT, manufacturing and entertainment. So, yes, I invested, but the club I invested in is not related to the alleged accusations.”

Those familiar with Japanese law enforcement, immigration and the legal system understand the win in this situation but as Washington relayed: “This situation has made me more humble and appreciate the little things in life. I am saddened by this event. What people seem to forget is what the accused go through. My children, my wife and my life have been ripped away in the span of five weeks.”

Black Tokyo wishes the Washingtons the best. We will continue to follow their story!

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