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A Bigger Loss in the Sony Warehouse UK Blaze

A big ARIGATO to Pegasus for providing some more of the story on the Sony warehouse blaze in England. Japan Probe previously posted that “the Japanese media is focusing on the fact that Sony’s sole warehouse in Britain has been looted and burned” and “As one might expect, this will probably result in some shortages of Sony products.”

Although Sony can always manufacture additional products, recoup losses via insurance and ramp up production elsewhere, I feel the rest of the story is even bigger: the loss small business owners (independent labels, distributors, other) and indie music lovers face.

Props to Japan Probe for the report. I truly hope those responsible for the criminal activity during the UK riots are punished to the full extent of the law! Below via the P303 Music Blog:

The fire that destroyed the Sony DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation) warehouse in North London may have a huge ripple effect as the facility was home to over 150 independent record labels. The warehouse was used for storage of DVDs, Blu-ray disc, PlayStation games and other electronics. Located in Enfield, the facility also served as the main headquarters of UK music distributor Pias, which is a distributor of independent record labels such as Buzzin’ Fly, Strange Feeling’s, 4AD, Sub Pop​, Domino, Warp, XL and many more. It is believed that at least 1.5 million CDs and 12″ vinyl records have been destroyed in the fire and while larger labels have product stored at other facilities, the smaller indie companies have been wiped out completely.

Read the rest of the story here via the P303 Music Blog.

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