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Potentially Radioactive Beef Served to 67,000 Japanese Elementary Students

At most Japanese schools, elementary and junior high school kids eat in their classrooms. The elementary students also take turns serving a balanced and healthy lunch to other students and that’s a good thing! What’s bad, is serving and eating something that may not be healthy. Wait! Maybe “healthy” is not the correct term. A better term would be unsafe!

Let me get to the point: I am really upset with the bureaucrats in Japan and their blatant lies spewing like contaminants from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Here is a story that every parent, no wait… everyone should read! Arigato to Bo Jacobs at Ex-SKF for staying on top of this latest example of using waste in a fraud and abuse. I am beyond frickin’ angry!

Yokohama City officials, from the ex-Daiei CEO mayor on down, denied and refused to do anything about it since one of the city’s assemblymen first raised the issue back in April of school lunches in the city using beef from cows that were possibly contaminated with radioactive materials. The officials asserted that any food items were “safe as long as they are sold in the marketplace”. (See my post here for the assemblyman’s effort with concerned citizens of Yokohama to force the city to stop the use of beef in school lunches.)

Now, the city’s Board of Education finally admits that the city may have fed as many as 67,000 kids in elementary schools in the city with radioactive beef.

Well if you think that is something how about this?”

Checking the Yokohama assemblyman’s message board, it’s just unreal what’s going on there. And by no means Yokohama is unique in this. Some of what’s happening:

  • The city is still intent on sending the school kids to the summer school in Nikko, in Tochigi Prefecture, where the radiation is high;
  • Many schools don’t allow children to carry water bottles to schools, and say they have to drink tap water;
  • Many schools still don’t allow home-made lunches, and one school demands the parents that they make exactly the same lunch as the school lunch if they insist on home-made lunch for their children. Some schools collect monthly lunch fees from the parents even if their children carry home-made lunches;
  • Schools are planning to have children do the yard cleanup after the summer break.

Catch the latest on from Bo Jacobs here.

Via the Paul Langley Nuclear History Blog, he has this from a Yokohama Councilman:

Regarding your post, I’d like to alert you to the fact that a large quantity of beef from Fukushima Prefecture has been used in school lunches in Yokohama City, without citizens and parents informed. We are living everyday trying to protect our lives, and with bitterness and regret at our powerlessness. Please spread the news!

Surprised? It gets worst!

On June 5, an insider leak to the coucilman from a concerned food stuff dealer. The dealer provided the unique identification numbers for the cows whose meat was used in Yokohama’s school lunches.

They were all from Fukushima.

Why would Yokohama City use Fukushima beef for children? Because it was cheap. Because consumers didn’t want to buy Fukushima beef if they see it on the supermarket shelves, the price of Fukushima beef had plummeted by 40 to 50 percent. No one wanted it, price went down, a cost conscious city and schools and kindergartens and nursery schools bought it to feed small children, without telling them or their parents the meat was from Fukushima.

The city continued to do absolutely nothing. In mid June, the councilman got another piece of information: prior to the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant accident, there was NO USE of Fukushima beef in school lunches in Yokohama. After the accident, the price of Fukushima beef plummeted. Meat dealers got the cheap meat, sold it to the city, pocketed the very fat margin. Schools, both private and public it looks like, fed small children with the potentially contaminated beef, with the tacit approval of the mayor and the Board of Education. Catch the rest of this story here.

I will keep you updated as I learn more of the story. By the way, here is an interesting article by the Japan Guy on having lunch at a Japanese elementary school.


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