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Foreign residents in Japan drops two percent

The Japan Times reports: “The number of foreign residents in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures dropped 10.5 percent to 30,092 between the end of December and the end of March, according to the Justice Ministry. The three prefectures were the hardest hit by the March 11 earthquake-tsunami disaster. The number of foreigners declined 1.9 percent nationwide during the same period.”  Click here for additional information. [Source: Kyodo]

Here is some additional information on foreign residents in Japan:

Japan has the lowest percentage of immigrants and expatriate workers of any industrialized country. There are about 1.5 million foreigners living legally in Japan (about one percent of the population). Labor-rights group estimate that there were 500,000 undocumented aliens living and working in Japan in 2000. This up from around 110,000 in 1990.

The number of foreign residents in Japan (excluding long-tern Korean residents) rose from around 600,000 in 1955 to around 1.5 million in 2006.

Of the 2,152,973 foreign residents in Japan in 2007, 606,889 were Chinese, 593,489 were Koreans, 316,967 were Brazilians and 202,592 were Filipinos. In 2001 there 685,000 permanent residents and 1.09 million non-permanent residents. These included 632,000 Koreans (35.6 percent, most of the, permanent residents), 381,000 Chinese (21.4 percent), 266,000 Brazilians (15 percent), and 157,000 Filipinos (8.8 percent).

There are also significant numbers of foreign businessmen and their families, English teachers Iranians, and foreign students. The number of foreigners employed directly by Japanese companies reached a record high of 222,929 in June 2006.


Japan Monthly Statistics (DOI:21 Jul 11):

B.  Population and Households

1 Population (Excel:62KB)

2 Population by 5-year Age Group (Excel:51KB)

3 Composition of Households (Excel:39KB)

4 Population of Major Cities (Excel:58KB)

5 Entries Into and Departures From Japan (Excel:49KB)

I.  Family Income and Expenditure

1 Average of Monthly Consumption Expenditures per Household (Two-or-more-person households) (Excel:48KB)

2 Average of Monthly Income and Expenditure per Household (Two-or-more-person households (Workers’ households)) (Excel:58KB)

3 Average of Monthly Expenditures and Quantities of Selected Commodities and Services Purchased per Household (Two-or-more-person households) (Excel:92KB)

4-1 Indices of Consumption Expenditures Level (Two-or-more-person households) (Excel:47KB)

4-2 Indices of Consumption Expenditures Level (Two-or-more-person households (Workers’ households)) (Excel:48KB)

5 Family Income and Expenditure of All Households (Excel:40KB)

6-1 Composite Index of Consumption Expenditures (All households) (Excel:42KB)

6-2 Composite Index of Consumption Expenditures (All households (Workers’ households)) (Excel:43KB)

6-3 Composite Index of Consumption Expenditures (Two-or-more-person households) (Excel:48KB)

6-4 Composite Index of Consumption Expenditures (Two-or-more-person households) (Workers’ households) (Excel:48KB)

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