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StarrWulf: Thoughts on Japan and the World 1 Week Later

Hey BT’ers!

An insightful and honest observation on being in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami from Jason a.k.a. @starrwulf on Twitter. He says:
“Ever since the Great Kanto-Tohoku Disaster took place, I have had some things I wanted to say–to explain where I was, what I felt, and how I feel now… It’s taken me a week and some change to make it as eloquent as possible!”

Be sure to check out @starrwulf via Twitter and Ran Magazine, where he serves as the online editor. Additionally, you find other Black bloggers in Asia via the Black Tokyo BT+ page.

As always, please leave a comment and recommend sites to add to the BT+ list!

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  1. I love this post! You were very honest about helping the land that you are in today. Just like people who are in America. I hope you are well and I will follow you know via twitter… I’m @culturatist.



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