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Radiation Levels in Japan

Here is an excellent post on the radiation levels in Japan by C. Bryan Jones at Accidentally a Blog. He writes:

While media around the world continue to present the Fukushima nuclear crisis as an Armageddon moment for Japan and the world, Japanese media is going out and taking measurements of radiation levels all around the Kanto region. Because I have not been able to find this type of information easily in English I have translated a radiation map of Japan into English and created a clear overview for you here.

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  1. supremeliberal supremeliberal April 15, 2011

    I do not see any resolution too this nuclear situation in Japan, it may be beyond control of the Japanese government , thier have been high level of radiation in the US from Fukushima in the rain,it had been measured in the milk in the US,the US has sent 150 special forces marine too Japan ,that are trained in nuclear disaster,but what i heard the Japanese government has not let them have access to the Fukushima site to evaluate the situation, everyday that goes by without a resolution will mean more deaths in the future from radioactive fallout , i am not a nuclear engineer ,from what i read about nuclear reactor they have little or no room for error, the people of Japan , do not need sympathy ,they need solution and they need one real soon

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