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Obama Pitching Change in a KFC Commercial?

“Change –Not only for America, but for the whole world. Not only for your mom, but for you, your stomach, for a better taste!” Cue giant fish sandwich… okay, crush the messenger!

Hmm! Change is good, right? Well, I am not too sure what message Yum Brands (owner of 3,200 KFC restaurant outlets in China) was trying to send with its latest commercial for KFC’s new Soft Roll Fish Filet sandwich. The commercial aired in Hong Kong prior to Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit to the United States in January.

The commercial is in Cantonese (one of the official languages of Hong Kong) and the subtitles are in standard written Chinese. It was not marketed or intended for broadcast in Mainland China. I wonder how the commercial impacted sales in the PRC and Hong Kong?

It should be noted that Obama “Shanzhai” or look-alike has been used to hawk many products in China. Shortly after the KFC commercial broadcast, KFC Hong Kong apologized via this written statement: “The ad was created in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong market only. It was meant to be a spoof and no disrespect was intended. It is no longer airing and will not be re-aired.” Wow! See, CHANGE is good!

So what message is the commercial sending and why exactly is CHANGE good? Let me offer a few opinions:

  1. (Stealthy) Change is good because Ambassador Huntsman (R) (LDS, fluent in mandarin Chinese, has adopted daughters -one born in China and the other in India) may run against President Obama in 2012. Pro-China?
  2. (Healthy) Change is good because the KFC consumer is ditching fried chicken for fried fish. Pro-Uyghur (pronounced in English as “Weeger”)?
  3. (Wealthy) Change is good because a giant fish sandwich falls from the sky and crushes Obama (America). (Fish (yu) symbolizes wealth. The Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for riches or abundance. The shanzhai (Obama in the ad) represents a “declining” America being crushed.
  4. (Unhealthy) Change is good because the chicken (regarded as the variant or emblem of the sun in ancient Chinese belief and in some of China’s rural areas) represents Japan (Land of the Rising Sun) being crushed by the fish (an abundant China or an abundance of Chinese troops). Okay, maybe number four is pushing it and I now see that it is unhealthy for me to even have come up with this stuff! LOL

Here is another video:

Anyway, if fish or chicken doesn’t suit your tastes, you can always try:




THE BLOCKBERRY (not Black Barry… get it?)

Images via Aftermath News

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