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Roppongi Club Wall Street Owner Arrested

Mohamed Abubaka and seven others of the popular night spots, Wall Street, were arrested for illegal operations. Authorities charge that the  late night hotspot was to operate as a bar but instead operated illegally as a dance club. Four Wall Street locations were shutdown in the bust




Wall Street House

Wall Street Bar 2


  1. chokobijin chokobijin

    Ok… well I dont understand. Now he has screwed over his business. Why didnt he just register it as a club then? Is that more expensive or something?

    I thought bars and club are pretty much one in the same sometimes though. I mean, if I own a bar and lots of people start coming and want to dance to the music im playing, does it mean im breaking rules? people arent allowed to dance in bars?

  2. Sam Sam

    I wouldn’t have thought that there was much of difference between a dance club and a bar. It may have been an exotic dance club – that seems right up his street.

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