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HIV and AIDS in Japan

[Via the Japan Times]  “The most recent UNAIDS data show there were 33.4 million people in the world infected with HIV in 2008, of which an estimated 2.7 million were new cases. UNAIDS says new HIV infections were down 30 percent from the peak in 1996, when the figure reached 3.5 million.

In Japan, on the other hand, the rate of new HIV infections was on an almost steady increase until 2009, when it dropped for the first time in about a decade.

According to the health ministry, 368 Japanese were newly infected with HIV in 2000. The number had jumped to 1,033 by 2008, but the following year saw a decrease to 932.

“The data that we have are showing that the infection rate has been stabilized” here, Sidibe said. But “what is important is that we are seeing an increase of MSM, which is happening everywhere. In the U.S. and in different parts of the world, we are seeing an increase of infections among gay men.”

The health ministry data show that in 1999, 160 HIV cases in Japan were the result of heterosexual intercourse, while 195 came about through homosexual intercourse. Ten years later, the number of HIV patients through heterosexual intercourse was 180 while the number of people infected through gay sex rose to 659.

And out of the 9,184 people with HIV last year, 5,590, or 60.9 percent, were gays.” Click here for the full story.

Did you know?:  According to “The Face of Global Sex 2008,” a report compiled by condom maker Durex, out of the 26 countries surveyed, Japan ranked 25th in terms of the general public’s knowledge about how to protect itself from STIs.

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