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New Photo Released of 2007 Murder Suspect

Photo courtesy of Chiba Prefectural Police Dept

Courtesy of Reuters

Wanted for the 2007 murder of a 22 year old British woman, Tatsuya Ichihashi is believed to have underwent plastic surgery. Ichihashi, 30 is the sole suspect in the murder of English teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker. Police from the Chiba Gyotoku station have released what is believed to be the most recent photograph of Ichihashi which was taken prior to his cosmetic procedure. Taken at a clinic in Nagoya the original photo shows Ichihashi with a beard and mustache, however authorities have retouched the photo and removed all facial hair in order to avoid confusion. The Mainichi Daily News reports that Ichihashi underwent several operations in order to change his eyelids, lifting his nose, thinning his lips and having a mole removed from his left cheek. He was scheduled to have stitches removed on October 31 but did not show up. Authorities now believe that Ichihashi is hiding in the Osaka area because of information he submitted at the clinic was actually for an elderly gentleman living in Osaka. It is not believed that the elderly man is related to Ichihashi, however the address and the Kanji for the mans name was written correctly which led authorities to suspect Ichihashi may be in that region.
The Mainishi Daily News states that Bill Hawker (father of victim Lindsay Hawker) ponders the question “how the most wanted person in Japan could keep escaping, and why would a medical institution allow him to undergo plastic surgery?” In the above video clip Mr. Hawker appeals to the citizens of Nagoya and medical professionals in the area to please be vigilant and report anyone matching Ichihashi description. In the video you can clearly see his frustration as he states that “all his family wants is justice.”

Link to the official Chiba Prefecture Police Dept. Homepage. It appears to be Japanese language only.

Suspect wanted over slaying of Briton was probably laying low in Osaka: investigators.

Police release new photo of man wanted over killing of British woman.

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