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Foreign Salaryman: Getting Married in Japan

Last updated on October 30, 2009


I am a longtime reader of “The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo” and would like to share his experience and amusing commentary of jumping over the broom, a.k.a. tying the knot, in Japan.

As discussed on Global Voices Online:

“Since autumn of last year, in Japan, a new term has been floating in the air. It is konkatsu 婚活 (an abbreviation of kekkon katsu結婚活動), based on the popular phrase shûkatsu (就活 job hunting), it may be roughly translated as ‘marriage hunting’.

Konkatsu is not merely a new word, it is a social phenomenon that has emerged lately to the point that Japanese have felt the need to ‘name’ and recognize it.”

In his series entitled, “Getting Married in Japan,” the Foreign Salaryman has so far provided his readers with the following adventures:

  1. So, thinking of getting married in Japan?
  2. Getting Married in Japan, Part 2: Choosing the Venue
  3. The Greatest Show on Earth
  4. Professional Illustrator at Work
  5. Leaving Mainland Japan for Some Honeymoon
  6. Getting Married in Japan, Part 3: Green Napkins Cost More
  7. Getting Married in Japan, Part 4: Financing the Wedding
  8. Getting Married in Japan, Part 5: I appreciate your gift so much that I want to give you a gift as thanks
  9. Getting Married in Japan, Part 6: The Profile Video

By the way, I must note that the Foreign Salaryman did not have to resort to konkatsu but his views and “social commentary” via the “Getting Married in Japan” series provides some ura (behind-the-scenes) information that the non-Japanese will find useful. His musings also serve as a great backdrop for those ready to navigate various situations one may have to deal with during international marriage. Besides, if you throw in having to deal with someone in the konkatsu phase, things may be more than you bargained for!

Click here for the rest of the story and be sure to leave The Foreign Salaryman and the BT readers some feedback!

BTW, here are the requirements for US citizens that plan to marry a Japanese National.

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    Well, thank you twofold, first for showing my blog to the honored visitors of Black Tokyo and secondly for following my blog!

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