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Japan’s Top 50 Technology Start-ups


I found a new iPhone/iPod touch app named Koe-Tan that allows you to find the best route on Tokyo’s public transit using your voice. Koe-Tan is available for FREE via Apple’s iTunes AppStore. Click here for more information via the Asiajin Blog.

Additionally, Asiajin posts on the 50 fastest-growing technology firms in the Land of the Rising Sun. This list can come in handy for those looking to work in the tech field in Japan.

[Asiajin] Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu has compiled a list of the 50 fastest-growing tech firms in Japan [JP, PDF], and it’s quite interesting. The so-called Nippon Technology FAST50 was released yesterday by the company’s Tokyo subsidiary, and I took the liberty to fully translate the list.

Deloitte says the ranking is based on sales growth over the last three years and only companies that agreed to be included are in the list (which is not really great, but OK). The No. 1 is a web service: Mobile gaming platform GREE’s sales have skyrocketed almost 27 times over the last three years (+2,636%).

Here’s the complete list (along with links to the English homepages whenever available.

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