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Black Tokyo Podcast 5: Japan Newbie Interview, Part 3 of 3

Black Tokyo interviews Harvey, Japanese linguist, Kansai-ben otaku, iPhone App developer and Webmaster of JapanNewbie about his blog and recent iPhone and iPod Apps. Part 3 of 3. Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the JapanNewbie interview.


Links mentioned in the Black Tokyo Podcast 5:

  • Black Tokyo Twitter:
  • JapanNewbie Blog:
  • JapanNewbie Twitter:
  • JapanNewbie Apps:
  • Gukuranman:
  • Kimono Girl: Click here to shop

Please feel free to leave your feedback here and/or on Black Tokyo’s You Tube page. You can also view and download the Black Tokyo podcast via the Apple iTune Store.

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