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Black Tokyo Monogatari: Teaching English in Japan


Thank you all for the emails on the podcast, “An Interview in Japan” with Brad Bell. Many of the emails inquire about teaching English in Japan and “my” perspective on the job, profession, path to other employment, life after a gig at an eikaiwa (English school) or as a instructor hired under the JET program. Well, I decided not to answer those questions and instead post a popular BT series from Ato, an English teacher that shares his insights and his experiences at a Japanese public school.

Please post your questions in the comment section found on the website. This gives others the opportunity to respond and share their experiences in Japan. BTW, be sure to check out the Black Tokyo Podcasts on now playing on iTunes and You Tube.

Teaching English in Japan with Ato: The Podcast


  1. […] The Ass Grab! DreadQT writes:  LMAO! “coin locker babies.” PLEEZE tell me where you came up w/that one!! Ato, as far as your ass-grab situation, my heart goes out to you. Pretty much anything you might do will likely be seen as an attempt to besmirch the little lady’s pure innocence. Your situation reminds me of a word I just learned–I don’t have JP IME on my phone so please bear with me: “oo-eh!” Say it fast and you’ll figure out what it means! Attention BT’ers: Download the Black Tokyo Blog widget to keep up with the news!

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