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Loco in Yokohama: things i love / hate about japan


Here an interesting post from Loco on “things i love / hate about japan” His latest is: alone again, naturally!

Summer has announced its approach by blessing us with a day warm enough to be spent on the beach. I spent mine however teaching my kids how to say what they were going to do this summer. One girl tells me she’s going to spend it thinking about me. She’s 15 going on 30 and wears her uniform skirt so hiked up her panties are constantly in view. Today’s were this eye-drawing pink lacy number I gave myself a headache spending the entire class trying not to look at.

After school I usually spend an hour or so unwinding at a cafe where I can puff a stogie and have a decent cup of coffee for a reasonable price…Starbuck’s provides half of my needs…the coffee is decent but, at about $3 a pop, the price is fairly unreasonable. Smoking inside of Starbuck’s is prohibited but, aside for the table closest to the entrance, the 6 or 7 tables out front allow smokers to get their fix. I presume that one table is off-limits because the smoke would be vacuumed inside every time the door opens. Makes sense.

There was one empty table when I arrived and I placed my briefcase in one of its two chairs to hold it before I went inside to place my order. I used to worry about leaving my belongings unattended…I don’t even give it a second thought anymore. Maybe one day it will cost me, but I doubt it. I’d noticed the jovial, lively conversations underway as I approached the empty table, and the eyes of all turning my way as I reserved the seat for myself. I noticed too the tension, that fear that overtakes some, and the sudden feeling of discomfort that attacks others. I ignore it as best I can. Click here for more.

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