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ShinKanji for the iPhone and iPod touch


I love my iPhone and here is something that students of Japanese will find useful, ShinKanji. This will probably become one of my favorite purchases from the iTunes Store. ShinKanji should help me remember the numerous kanji that I have forgotten, and of course, learn many more. You know what they say, “if you don’t use it (kanji/language), you’ll lose it!”

Jerry Suppan over at Mobile in Japan (I love that website) says: “Do you speak Japanese and perhaps wish you could transcend beyond the spoken word? Would you like to be able to read and write Japanese quickly and without a lot of pain? Are you an avid user of the iPhone? Well, I discovered a great tool that might just be your ticket. Whether you are a well-versed in written Japanese, or perhaps limited knowledge, or maybe just starting out dabbling in hiragana and katakana (I guess that pretty much includes everyone) 🙂 then this application is for you.

Meet ‘ShinKanji‘. Essentially, ‘ShinKanji’ is an iPhone application which doubles as both a kanji reference and study application. Click here for the article and some great screen shots!


  1. Kaonashi Kaonashi

    Nice app! Is this available for the Blackberry?

  2. I downloaded this app to my itouch a few months ago and didn’t like it too much. A lot of stuff to get used to.

  3. Hello Tony,
    I wonder if you tried one of the free versions or the for pay version?
    They are pretty different.

    Best regards
    I am the author of shinkanji

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