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Female entrepreneurship in the Japanese economy


Due to the internet penetration and growth in Japan, women have been encouraged to start e-businesses. Previous posts on BT talks about the dire situation that some Japanese (and foreign women) find in Japan’s job market. Could the article below be the ticket to prosperity and freedom?

Japan Inc. Magazine: While the financial crisis is prompting Japanese companies to shed the traditional practices of lifetime employment and seniority-based wages, the majority of the victims of the cost-cutting ax remain part-time and temporary agency workers. As job security diminishes alternatives need to be found. One economic solution for reversing Japan’s financial challenges is female entrepreneurship. These independent businesswomen are emerging outside the traditional Japanese management but remain Japan’s greatest untapped human resource.

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  1. nictos nictos April 22, 2009

    one of my closest friends in japan is a 70-year-old female executive who’s working on another start-up. she’s the definition of vitality. not often do we get the chance to meet a real trailblazer.

    imagine how japan would change if it began to embrace and proactively leverage on the knowledge and energy of its female population. change is overdue; perhaps this recession is the tipping point.

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