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Immigration Regulations Softening?


Democratic Party of Japan legal affairs panel has drafted proposals to soften the rules and punishments stipulated in government-sponsored bills to tighten immigration regulations on foreign residents, DPJ lawmaker Ritsuo Hosokawa said Thursday.

The panel called for eliminating eight provisions in the bills, including one that would oblige foreigners to always carry residency cards, Hosokawa told The Japan Times.

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  1. Bryan Bryan April 17, 2009

    I sat in a class the other day in which the teacher went off on a tangent about alien registration cards. It was a little hard to understand, but I was going to give my interpretation of what he was saying in a blog entry…I’ve just been to busy to do so. He said though, that the origin of the card is a 1920’s law that required people to carry residency cards or be severely punished. The rest was all mixed up in Japanese legal jargon I’m honestly no good at. Don’t you like being treated like citizens under the military dictatorship?

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