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Kintama: PC – Japanese Style


I discovered this post (and blog) today after the writer replied to recent BT post. PC: Japanese Style fits into many of the topics here and provides great fodder for those budding linguists, activists and all-around person just curious about why certain thing are the way they are in Japan!

[PC: Japanese Style]  If you looked at the title and thought I was talking about the personal computer, the whole concept of political correctness has failed. OK, I’m bound to have critics hounding me for making such a broad statement on such little evidence, but I see that as evidence of PC’s failure in America and beyond. That is not to say that women’s rights have not made progress in recent history. One group recently wrote a paper for President Obama to show the areas where progress needs to be made. I’m all over the concept of pay based on merit and not on sex, color, or political affiliation.

With that ode to women’s rights out of the way, it’s time for some PC bashing (not the kind that happened in the movie Office Space of a fax machine). Click here to read more!

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