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Kimono Girl


The 963 Group, LLC of Pebble Beach, California brings you one of Japan’s top selling cosmetic gift items, Kimono Girl oil-blotting tissues. Kimono Girl is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and powder-free! Each Kimono Girl package is an actual hand-drawn Kagayuzen Kimono pattern. No two are the same!

The Kimono Girl concept was developed by Nakahama-san, the co-founder of The 963 Group. She is a veteran of the fashion and cosmetics industry with over 15-years experience in Tokyo’s upscale boutiques and in companies such as Shiseido, Chanel and Za Ginza. She says:

“People should use a quality skin (and lipstick) blotting tissue. Too often I see women and men wiping the oil off their face using their hands, a tissue or handkerchief! This actually spreads the oil and bacteria to other parts of their face. This can also potentially create skin rashes and blackheads, especially if the person’s hands or handkerchief are not clean.

In Kanazawa and other parts of Japan, women and men use a high-quality and affordable blotting tissue to keep the oil off the T-Zone. This really helps prevent breakouts. Additionally, women do not worry about lint or other residue from tissues when they blot their lipstick. Kimono Girl Oil Blotting Tissue has been pressed the old-fashioned way which means the fibers has been pounded over 10,000 times. This makes our product super-absorbent! Commercially produced blotting tissues do not utilize this old-style Japanese technique and thus are not as absorbent as ours! Actually, the process to make Kimono Girl oil-blotting tissues is the same technique used when we in Kanazawa make the gold leaf paper found on many beautiful Kanazawa products and on the Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan. We get it right the first time! Whether you wear make-up, lipstick, or keep the natural look, Kimono Girl Oil Blotting Tissue will help keep your skin looking healthy!”

Each $12.00 order includes six (6) Kimono Girl packs. Each pack contains 30-sheets of Kimono Girl Oil Blotting Tissues. In Japan, one (1) pack of Kimono Girl oil-blotting tissue costs 350 Yen (approximately $3.50). As a special introductory offer, we are offering the six (6) package set at a $9.00 discount and with FREE SHIPPING in the Continental USA, Hawaii and Alaska.

We hope this great value will introduce our wonderful product to people around the world. Thank you very much for shopping with The 963 Group, LLC. Be sure to follow Kimono Girl on Twitter. Sayonara!

Manufactured and imported from Japan by The 963 Group, LLC


Kimono Girl Gift Set
6 package set (180 sheets) $12.00
Free shipping in the USA



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