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Girl! I'm proud of you!

Here is the latest from Dear Life: WTH Let’s get it together ladies! She responds to email received from viewer that watched her You Tube video “What a Japanese guy thinks of Black girls.”

She says of the “Dear Life: WTH Let’s get it together ladies!” video, “This is not a rant, but something that I felt should be addressed. Ladies we gotta do better!” I will post more about Alafia and her “intro2the1” videos later. Girl! I’m proud of you!


BTW, shout out to 日本-SUKI for showing some blogger love!


  1. Brad Brad

    All I can say is wow! Your video invoked such emotion with in me. I am truly at a lost for words and can’t begin to even articulate in words what I am feeling. Your words were powerful, inspirational and positive. So you keep doing it big, keep marching to your own beat, keep being you. I wish you all the best and thank you for your contribution to society.


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