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Japanese Grammar Quiz


Harvey over at Japan Newbie has an interesting challenge for you budding Japanese linguist. He writes…

“Are you confident in your Japanese language skills? Try this pretty tough online grammar quiz and see what you still need to learn.

Japanese Grammar Quiz 文法クイズ

After you submit your answers it will tell you what you got wrong, and explain what the correct answer should be.

It’s all in Japanese, so this is only useful for intermediate to advanced learners.

I’m not gonna lie. I may have passed JLPT 1-kyuu, but I only average about 3 or 4 out of 5 on these quizzes! This is pretty tough stuff.”

Click here to read more and view the video.


  1. Bboy Krillin Bboy Krillin April 1, 2009

    Sites like these make me realise just how weak my grasp of Japanese is!

    Cheers for the link though, i’ll have a crack at it 🙂

  2. baae755 baae755 November 24, 2009

    wow i’m trying to learn the language but wow that was hard. at the first question my mind went completely blank 😛 do you know any good japanese free learning sites

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