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Shinjuku to offer dismissed workers accommodation expenses


In an unprecedented move, Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward will pay accommodation expenses to dismissed workers who have lost their housing, a ward representative said.

As part of its emergency countermeasures, the ward will provide those who have lost their jobs and housing an allowance of 5,000 yen per day in cash as expenses for lodging including hotels, inns, or even Internet cafes. Receipts for the expenses won’t be required.

The ward will include 1.2 million yen, which will cover eight people, in this fiscal year’s budget, and 14.4 million yen for 96 people in next fiscal year’s budget.

Eligible for the benefits are dismissed workers without housing who have been living in the ward for at least six months and who have applied for loans for housing and other expenses offered by labor banks through the national government’s employment security offices. Other conditions may be imposed.

Those eligible will receive the allowance at the ward office from the day they apply until the day they start receiving loans from labor banks.

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