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A Change is Gonna Come


A few things came to mind as the day of service in honor of the Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to a close today. One was Dr. Martin Luther King’s Prediction.


Another was a song that I learned at a very early age during the Civil Rights Movement:  Lift Every Voice and Sing (The Black National Anthem) by James Weldon Johnson.

And finally, a song that could reflect the mood or hope that is sweeping the world:  A Change is Gonna Come

I’m counting down the hours until Bush lifts off from the White House lawn and the new Obama Administration begins to officially lift up the U.S.A. Of course it will be a take time to fix the numerous challenges in America but I think I am safe to say that after eight-years of not having prior proper planning which led to piss-poor performance, a lot of people believe that America will redeem itself at home and abroad.

A lot more people are now willing to work for CHANGE, are you? 


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