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Nihonjinron and a few other obstacles


I came across an interesting post on Victory Manual that deals with the often narrow world-view found in Japanese media. The writer says: “the idea that Japanese are especially uniquely unique is only an obstacle into the culture, and really proves to not be the case in reality.”

“I was reading through the 8th and 9th issues of Salaryman Kintaro and was struck by the ethnocentric impression it left me with. But I should first tell you about a distinction I make for these kinds of topics.

The way I see it, at the most basic level, there are two kinds of discrimination: Malicious and naive. Malicious discrimination is made with the effort to injure those different than oneself. Naive discrimination is the result of a deep-seeded, innocent, ethnocentric view of the world. What I saw in Salaryman Kintaro was the latter. But still, I wouldn’t mind seeing it gone and over with.”As an added bonus, I added the Japanese-language Salaryman Kintaro anime (with English subtitles) below:

You can read the rest of this post here.


  1. here is an example of japan portraying its uniqueness. when you think about it, what country is not unique? i’m sure that one could find numerous differences when examining or comparing any country to japan. the strange part is that japan takes, borrows, or adapts things from other countries and reclassifies it as japanese.

    i believe that japan is still dealing with their on-going issue of being “equal” to the west. in looking at the past, their battle and subsequent defeat of russia changed things until ww2. japan went from being a player on the international scene to being played.

    in looking at the present, picking up or continuing to use various “bad habits” to convey lies (partial truths) or stereotypes does nothing to quell naive discrimination.

    the current problem is that selective reasoning and cognitive dissonance clouds advertising, education and various policies in japan to the point that it impacts not only the foreign population but the japanese and more importantly relations with other countries in the region.

    with that said, i also agree that it is not difficult to understand japanese culture. if nothing else, a person should have some understanding of how things work if they have spent a fair amount of time in japan AND have an open mind to learning and adapting to their new country of residence.

    posted on: Victory Manual

  2. saminx saminx

    Very good point…Japan is being revealed….Keep revealing…keep revealing it to the world!

    The Japan times is one of the most propagandist newspapers I’ve ever seen. They try to portray Toyota’s slump in sales as the fault of America. They need America to buy their stuff, but they want to keep foriegners out…that is bull…wake up world to the double standard racist, face saving game Japan plays!

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