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TBS Uses CGI Fondling to Report Groping

Let’s Japan reported that a man who challenged a 1999 groping accusation by a female commuter won his court case against the accuser Nov. 7, 2008.

The Japan Supreme Court revoked the charge of “public nuisance” against the man. In September 1999, a woman accused the man of rubbing his groin on her thigh as they stood on the Chuo line railway train in Tokyo. The man was arrested and charged with a crime but denied the accusation. He filed civil lawsuits against the woman.The Nov. 7 TBS Tokyo Evening 5 news program reported on the case. At two points in the TBS video story, computer-generated imagery characters on a train illustrate the woman’s description of being rubbed against from the side. The video depicts a circular and simultaneous up-down motion. The complete CGI scene is at 1:17 in the video.

Here is the video report:


Zurui’s Comment:

I am glad to hear that the gentleman won his case. I have heard of cases where men are set-up by young women and men looking for a quick pay-off.

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