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Obama is the "death-death" President?

This was posted on Japan Probe today,”The 44th President: The “Death Death” President?” by Fat Blue Man.:

“I was happy to see the result of the election yesterday, as were the residents of Obama City, the little town in Fukui-ken near the Japan Sea. Apparently they had a big festival just to celebrate this wonderful same-name meaningless coincidence.
Whatever. I get it. I brag about the Dutch model Chantal Janzen, and if we happen to be cousins, the link would be about 500 years old.

But I was thinking about Japanese superstition when I noticed that Obama is the 44th president. In Japan that is a bad number. You would read it “shi shi” which has the connotation of “death death”. I once went to a yakiniku restaurant where there were no 4’s or 9’s on any of the shoe lockers. Apparently 9, or “ku”, can sound like “painful/difficult”.

The opposite is also true. On the years when November 22 lands on a Saturday or Sunday, the wedding places are packed out. This is due to the fact that 11/22 is read “ii fuufuu” which means “good couple”.?I had to laugh when an elderly student of mine pointed out that her license plate was 87-06, “hanarero” which translates roughly to “Back the hell off”. Perfect license plate for tailgaters.

Anyway, not meaning to rain on the Obama parade, it’s just a superstition.? But if only he could have been the 39th president. Then he would have been the “sankyuu” president which is close to “Thank you!” which is what the whole world is saying this morning.”

Zurui’s comment: Now I really do not believe in all of that but let’s use these meanings of “shishi” to shed some light on the doom and gloom:

Lion (jishi or shishi) which is used to ward of evil spirits and guard shinto shrines. The lion is the defender of law and Obama does have a law degree!

I like this meaning of Shishi even more, “noble-minded patriot.”

How about that for CHANGE!

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