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When English is not fun!

James at Japan Probe posted this interesting video of a kid living out his mother’s dream [my opinion]. The mom is so set on her son passing frickin’ tests instead of him ENJOYING youth and LOVING TO LEARN, the poor kid is reduced to living a Japanese businessman’s life at an early age. Check out what James has to say below: 

“Below is an excerpt from an NTV feature report about an elementary schooler aiming to be the youngest Japanese person to pass grade 1 of the Eiken Test in Practical English Proficiency:


As you can see, the poor kid spends every single moment of his free time studying. He attends and elite private school where English language education is stressed, and when he gets home from school he engages in non-stop English cramming. Even meal times are spent watching English language movies with English subtitles as reading/listening practice. The video clip also shows him studying for a French proficiency test. His mother buys him toy cars are rewards for successfully answering study questions. 

Grade 1 of the Eiken exam tests university level English proficiency, and it’s unreasonable to expect an elementary school kid to pass it. However, his mother drives him on and he takes the test. He ends up failing it, but he is determined to take it again until he passes. He’ll also continue to study French after having passed a beginner level French proficiency test.”

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