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Nike Just Does it to Miyashita Park

Scilla Alecci of Global Voices reports that “Nike Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of sportswear multinational Nike, will turn a public park in central Tokyo (Shibuya Ward), Miyashita Park [ja] [????], into what they call “Nike Park” [ja]. The naming rights have already been acquired from the Ward for about 150 million Yen, which will be paid over the next 5 years, and the go-ahead for the work was given last August. Investing about 450 million Yen toward renewal of the park, Nike will provide leisure facilities such as a skate-board ground and a café, in addition to the already existing two futsal grounds.”

I previously reported on the homeless people in Japan:

For those that live in Japan, you know about the homeless problem in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. You know the deal about the value of cardboard boxes and the nice racket set-up to “employ” the homeless by buying the boxes and then reselling them to recycle facilities. But I bet you did not know about how Nike is just doing it in Shibuya.

Click here to read the rest of Ms. Alecci’s story.

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