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Citizens Fight Yakuza

A very interesting case. I am surprised that the citizens stepped up. Will others across Japan follow suit?

FUKUOKA–About 600 residents in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, filed a petition for a temporary injunction Monday at the Kurume branch of the Fukuoka District Court that will stop the Dojin-kai crime syndicate from using its headquarters in the city.

According to the lawyers of the residents, this is the first such case in the country in which residents have filed for a temporary injunction requiring a designated crime syndicate to move its headquarters.

Since 2006, the Dojin-kai has been involved in a bloody confrontation with the Kyushu Seido-kai based in Omuta of the prefecture, a group that broke away from the Dojin-kai.

The rival syndicates have been involved in several violent exchanges and leading members of both groups have been killed.

According to the petition for the injunction, residents are running the risk of becoming involved in the bloodshed because the crime syndicate’s headquarters is one of the targets of attacks. The residents claim that their right to live a peaceful life–as guaranteed by the Constitution–is being infringed upon by the existence of the headquarters.

The petition also calls for the court to take over the building. If the court approves the request it can take compulsory measures to execute the order such as excluding group members from the building by blocking its entrance.

The Yomiuri Shimbun


  1. They should follow the citizens of Palermo, who also stood up to the Mafia.

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