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Are you an English teacher with a  year or two left on your working visa, a USGOV civil servant looking for a change, or a US military veteran overseas looking for employment that counts towards retirement? Maybe you are just looking for a change, wondering how life in Japan is under SOFA status, or just want benefits. At any rate, check out the job announcement below:

ESL INSTRUCTOR, YA-1701-02 / SALARY: $39,407 – $89,217 PER ANNUM 

OPEN DATE: 07-03-08 / CLOSING DATE: 08-01-08 



  1. Prepares daily lesson plans using programs of instruction and instructor texts/guides which prescribe course and unit objectives. 
  2. Incorporates varied text coverage and specialized training aids and materials such as: reading, writing, speaking and grammatical skills development, daily language laboratory exercises, and computer-assisted language learning. 
  3. Identifies daily classroom activities consistent with the objectives of the program of instruction to be taught. 
  4. Develops quizzes and ad-hoc tests as needed, administers tests, and records student progress.
  5. Provides employees with a basic working knowledge of English to enable them to use technical manuals, job orders, and other materials written in English, and more importantly, to understand and follow orders and directions given in English. 
  6. Emphasizes clarity and continuity in classroom instruction. 
  7. Controls the decorum of classroom, acting upon routine instances of distraction or disturbances, referring repetitive disciplinary situations to the supervisor. 
  8. Motivates students to maintain interest and obtain participation. 
  9. Counsels students in areas of performance, deportment, attitudes, and participation.


1. This position is one which this activity normally recruits for locally; therefore, Living Quarters Allowance (LQA), Transportation Agreement or any other benefits normally paid to a “Stateside” hire WILL NOT be granted. 

2. ***External Candidates – See note regarding external referral procedures. You are an external candidate if you do not fall into the following categories: A current permanent Federal employee or former employee with reinstatement eligibility; a current NAF employee covered by the NAF/AF interchange agreement; or a former military member eligible for appointment under the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA). 

3. Military Spouse Preference eligibles will lose their preference upon acceptance or declination of a job offer to this position. 

4. Applicants who are not currently SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) sponsored MUST be able to meet JAPANESE IMMIGRATION requirements and SOFA eligibility requirements prior to appointment. 

5. Under Executive Order (E.O.) 11935 – Non U. S. citizens can only be considered for an Appropriated Fund (APF) vacancy only when there are no other qualified U.S. citizens available for referral. Non U.S. citizens may apply for this position and will be considered only if there are no other qualified U.S. citizen candidates available for selection. 


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