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"Where Can I Have My Hair Done in Tokyo?"– Braids

Sista in Tokyo recently posted:

“Where Can I Have My Hair Done in Tokyo?”– Braids

Today is a national holiday in Japan, Marine Day I do believe. My husband and I spent yesterday and today at the beach in Onjuku. He surfs and I simply go in and out of the water or watch him catch waves. One day soon I plan to hop on the board along with him… 🙂 Having braids make going to the beach and spending all day in the water a wonderful thing.

I initially came to Japan (Sendai, remember?) and I rocked a natural twisted out afro for a few months. Until things began to break off whenever I so much as ran my fingers through my hair. Some say it’s the water, shampoo, conditioner, humidity, some say it’s the change of environment, diet, etc. that one goes through when living in a new country and I say it’s all of the above. Whatever the cause, a sista had to do something about her constantly dry hair and breakage (and I tried everything!).

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