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Prepare for the JLPT with PlaySay


The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test is conducted to evaluate and certify the language proficiency of non-native speakers of Japanese. It is offered once a year on the first Sunday of December. Last year, the test was administrered on Sunday, December 2nd, 2007.


The test has four different levels (Level 1 being the most proficient level and Level 4 the beginner level); the examinee can choose the level that best matches his or her ability and training. Each test is made up of three sections: writing-vocabulary (100 points); listening (100 points); reading-grammar (200 points). 

The passing scores are 70% or higher for Level 1, and 60% for Level 2, 3, and 4. Please see the criteria below to view the test specifications and also sample tests from previous years.


Level 1: The examinee has mastered grammar to a high level, knows around 2,000 kanji and 10,000 words, and has an integrated command of the language sufficient for life in Japanese society. This level is normally reached after studying Japanese for around 900 hours. 

  • Passing Score: 280/400 
  • Writing-vocabulary: 45 minutes
  • Listening: 45 minutes 
  • Reading-grammar: 90 minutes  
  • Total: 180 minutes

2006 JLPT Sample Test: Writing/VocabularyListening
2005 JLPT Sample Test: Writing/VocabularyListeningReading/Grammar 

JLPT Study Material

To help you prepare and hopefully achieve your desire proficiency, PlaySay had developed

  • 16,104 Studio-Quality individual JLPT 1 – 4 mp3 core vocabulary audio files for any mp3 player 
  • (7,992 English to Japanese; 7,992 Japanese to English)
  • Shuffle vocabulary, create vocab/kanji playlists (move memorized vocab/kanji to a “memorized” playlist), and more! 
  • study JLPT 1 – 4 core vocabulary by listening (Japanese in right ear, English in left ear)! 
  • study JLPT 1 – 4 core vocabulary with all kanji by simply looking at your mp3 player screen!

Registration deadlines and test dates for the 2008 JLPT:

For more information on Play Say JLPT preparation resources click here

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