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Refused a Job for being Half/Biracial/Double, not Japanese?!

I received this from Debito regarding a [World Famous Company] in the Tohoku region of Japan that refused to employ a young Japanese man probably because he’s half/biracial/double a.k.a. in this situation, not Japanese. The [World Famous Company] even retracted their original job offer!

Apparently after the interview, the young man was separated from two other job applicants who also passed their employment and health tests. The two “full” Japanese were given jobs at the main location and the “half” was given a job seven kilometers further away from the place he was promised employment. That place does not even have a dining hall.

Now I do not know if there were only two positions at the main location or if test scores had anything to do with the decision but the young man sensed that he was a victim of racial discrimination. He kept his mouth shut for fear of not getting the “other” job. Mind you that this is not the job that he was interviewed for. The interviewer told the young man that the decision to place him in another location had nothing to do with him being half Japanese. Hmm! That does not seem like a normal thing to tell a person that you just interviewed.

A couple of things stick out: The interviewer knew from the young man’s rirekisyo that he was  born in the area, went to youchien, elementary school, junior high and high school in the town the [World Famous Company] is located. The young man was raised as a Tohoku person as can thus speak the local dialect. More importantly he has a Japanese Koseki.

It was reported that the interviewer was very uneasy telling the young man about the change in plans. To make matters worst, he was told that that the international company no longer needed the medical check-up  form because the physical was only needed for the main company. So now the kid is out of 10,000 yen since the company will not reimburse him.

But wait, it gets better! The guy started his job last Monday, June 16th and found out that he will only receive a two month contract, 50 yen less per hour, have to work some Saturdays with only Sunday off, and receive no bonus nor any of the other things that Japanese workers get. Remember, all this was originally offered to the young guy when he was interviewed to work at the main company.

The young man’s father believes that the recruiter is a good man and did not discriminate against his son for not being 100% Japanese. He feels that the corporation most likely refused his son on the grounds of racial discrimination and then instructed the interviewer to do the dirty work.

The father further reports that his son has been at the new job for just over a week and does not want to risk losing his [two month] job by causing any trouble at the corporation or [Headhunters KK]. Not for the moment anyway as he doesn’t know how permanent this job will be.

The young man’s mother phoned a few government departments and was told, “A verbal promise of a job is the same as a written promise!” The family now has good grounds to take action against [Headhunters KK] and maybe the [World Famous Company].

According to the young man’s friend who did get a job in [World Famous Company], the young man’s name has been mentioned a few times at the [World Famous Company] factory. Apparently,  the interviewer also asked my the young man if he heard about a rumor going around that he was discriminated against for being half. The young guy told his interviewer that he knew nothing of it!

This could have major repercussions in Japan if other Japanese with international roots get discriminated against similarly. Click here to get the full version of the story. And just think, I planned on buying a product from that [World Famous Company] this week. At any rate, I am waiting for the rest of the story to see how the situation works out.

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  1. yukki yukki

    This is very sad that Japan continues to be closed minded on such issues as the one above. There was a article posted on this web awhile ago about black and asian children who are discriminated against within asia I was wondering if anyone has seen that post because I will really be grateful for that article due to the fact that I want to use it to write a school paper.

    PS: Please help me whoever has seeen this article. Thank you

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