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Human Trafficking in Japan

Okay, the picture got your attention! This is a Japan promo shot for the movie Black Snake Moan. Although the movie and the two models in the picture have nothing to do with human trafficking in Japan, a picture is still worth a 1000 words.

Japan is a destination and transit country for men, women,   and children trafficked for the purposes of commercial   sexual exploitation and forced labor. Women and children trafficked to Japan for commercial sexual exploitation come from the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, and, to a lesser extent, Latin America.

Japan is a transit country for persons trafficked from East Asia to North America. The majority of identified trafficking victims are foreign women who migrate to Japan seeking work, but are subjected upon arrival to debt bondage and forced prostitution.

Traffickers also target Japanese women and girls for exploitation in pornography or prostitution. Many female victims, both foreign and Japanese, are reluctant to seek help from authorities for fear of reprisals by their traffickers, who are often members or associates of Japanese organized crime syndicates (the Yakuza). Japanese men continue to be a significant source of demand for child sex tourism in Southeast Asia. 

Click here to read the U.S. Department of State’s 2008 Human Trafficking Report on Japan.

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