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UR Pride: The Spirits of Black Japanese in Georgia


This is a documentary that deals with the experiences of individuals of both Japanese and African American descent living in Georgia. They live in African American communities. However, because of their dual ethnic backgrounds, their ethnic identity is a major issue. They want to identify themselves as African American, but their African American friends sometimes do not consider them as African Americans. They overcome their issues and start to take pride in who they are.

Check out the short and tell us what you think!

 Director: Yohei SuzukiRun. Time: 21 min.Country U.S.A. 

Language: English 

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  1. ATLSis ATLSis

    As a native of Georgia, I’m impressed by this.This is exactly what I’ve been telling my non-Southern peeps for years! Thanks for confirming it!

    In some ways, I’m not totally surprised by this. It’s not that Georgia lacks in IR couples. I had an disagreement with a non-southern woman who really thought she knew know , IR couples don’t exist in the South and tried to make me sound as if I didn’t know my state very well. I was born and raised here and I wasn’t a sheltered woman. Who would know better? If she would have properly did research, she would have known that IR couples with Asians/Blacks existed in the South decades ago.

    I lived in a White neighborhood and thankfully, all was good. With IR Asian/Black couples, I have also seen those along with Black/White ones. As I’ve just mentioned, it’s really wasn’t usual for me to see a IR couple of any sort,including Blacks and Asians. However, the few of these Black/Asian couples I did see consisted of women being of Laotian, Vietnamese or Cambodian descent. I would especially see them in the market with their Blasian kids. That was in the 1970’s. It was more of them with Blacks than Japanese and Koreans.In high school, I knew two Hapa girls. One was Half-Japanese?White, the other was Half-Thai/White.They went on to marry Black men. I also had a Vietnamese friend to do the same.

    As I said, it doesn’t surprise me to see Asians doing this. The Asians I listed,including some Koreans, resides in AA communities,but the Japanese is another story. With the exception of the my Japanese-American former classmate,whose folks resided in a Black community along with the half-Thai one, most of the ones I knew resided the more White/mixed suburbia like Fayetteville, Duluth , Marietta or some other part of ATL.

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