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Potentially Radioactive Beef Served to 67,000 Japanese Elementary Students

At most Japanese schools, elementary and junior high school kids eat in their classrooms. The elementary students also take turns serving a balanced and healthy lunch to other students and that’s a good thing! What’s bad, is serving and eating something that may not be healthy. Wait! Maybe “healthy” is not the correct term. A… Keep Reading

Black Tokyo Radio

The Beginning via Spreaker Welcome to Black Tokyo Radio – “The Beginning,” my first radio broadcast of independent music via Spreaker. Listen for some soul, funk, R&B, jazz, fusion and everything else that will put you in the groove! Listen at your leisure and chat with other listeners online via the integrated chat feature. If… Keep Reading

Flyer for R&B Singer "Ne-Yo" Japan Tour 2011

Ne-Yo Spreads Love In Japan

Despite a massive earthquake, tsunami and possible threat of nuclear radiation R&B Singer Ne-Yo decided to keep his Japan tour dates and will be donating some of the proceeds to the victims of this tragedy. Keep Reading

Loco in Yokohama: Are You African?

Two very interesting posts from Loco in Yokohama that deal with stereotypes and very common perceptions about race and ethnicity in Japan. Feel free to comment on both Black Tokyo and Loco in Yokohama. In Part 1 of the Loco in Yokohama, “Are You African? post: The other day in class, the Japanese English teacher asked me… Keep Reading


Yokohama's Jazz Hub

As a jazz lover and a HUGE fan of “hideouts,” I must post Tomoko Otake’s (Japan Times) story on Yokohama and the roots of the city’s jazz scene. Yokohama will celebrate its 150-year anniversary this summer. With 79,000 people of overseas origin, including Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Brazilians and Americans, it truly is an international city. As… Keep Reading

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